Lesley Olden Dog Agility Trainer and Nedlo Border Collie Breeder, Romsey, Hampshire, UK

Lesley Olden and Ag Ch Waggerland Wow of Nedlo


Lesley Olden (Nedlo Agility)

Crufts agility champion 1999 Nedlo Agility is run by Lesley who started competing in dog agility and obedience shows in 1982 and has achieved the highest levels of success with her dogs in the UK and abroad. She has handled and trained 2 agility champions, being the first handler to get a dog to this status. She has also qualified for and competed at the F.C.I. World Championships between 2002 and 2008 and has won many major finals including Eukanuba Crufts Mini Final, Crufts Team, the Olympia Large dog final - 3 times with 2 different dogs and the Mini (Small) Final, the only handler to have won at 2 heights. She has been named Agility Club handler of the year twice and Midge was voted The Agility Clubs ‘Best Ever Agility dog’ at their 25th Anniversary awards.

Lesley travels worldwide to provide training and has trained and judged in Japan, Finland, Belgium, USA and the States of Ireland. She provides indoor and outdoor training at her home - Birchwood House Farm, Sherfield English, Nr Romsey, Hampshire which is on the edge of the New Forest.

Lesley has competed in obedience and working trials and qualified Ag Ch Waggerland Wow of Nedlo Cdex - Tdex, aka Beanie, to compete at championship level in Working Trials. A good knowledge of obedience training techniques can be invaluable in the agility training context, helping with motivation and focus as well as control in getting that all important tight line through the equipment to minimise time wasted.

Lesley is actively interested in and involved in the development of agility and is a Kennel Club Agility Liaison Representative and is also a Kennel Club Accredited Judges trainer.

Diana Connor 2009


Me And My Training Background

Nedlo dog agility trainingI was brought up with horses and for many years competed in show jumping and cross country competitions. It was through visiting the Olympia Horse Show in 1980 that I was introduced to dog agility and was immediately ‘hooked’ I just needed a dog to do it with!

Enter Midge, a black and white working sheepdog. Midge won 9 different finals including Olympia 1986 and Crufts Team 1998 and in The Agility Club’s 25 years anniversary awards was voted as the Best Ever Agility Dog.

There’s no doubt that my ‘horsey’ background taught me much about schooling animals to jump, if a horse can’t jump correctly, confidently and safely the rider ends up on the floor, often with severe repercussions! I have spent many hours schooling horses and ponies over cavalettis and grids so they understand how to co ordinate their brain and feet, which in turn builds confidence, balance and subsequently speed and accuracy.

Having trained horses to jump for many years, it makes you very aware of an animal’s jumping action before takeoff, whilst in the air and on landing. As does the importance of the leading leg – the front leg the animal is leading with when it takes off for a jump, this hugely impacts on the success of the turn and explains a vast amount of knocked poles. The main difference between horses and dogs is that with the former there is a jockey ‘on board’ to adjust the stride, whereas a dog has to make its own judgement, however, this can be influenced by the way a handler prepares the dog prior to take off.

I feel that the basic foundation training is paramount and there are no shortcuts to success. All training, whether with small, medium or large - Border Collie or Non Pedigree needs to be positive and fun agility’s just a game played the handler’s way.


My Major Achievements 1983 to 2012

Qualified Olympia 29 times (10 years with a small dog as well as a large dog)
Qualified 8 different dogs for Olympia
Agility Club Handler of the year – twice
Small Olympia Final
Large Olympia Final 3 times with two different dogs
Team GB squad member – 5 times
Crufts Eukanuba Small Final winner
Crufts Team
Made up two Agility Champions
4 times winner Barbour Pairs Final
Pedigree Chum Pairs Relay Final

Training Achievements

Small bronze medal winner at FCI World Dog Agility Championships Lievin 2011
Medium team bronze medal winner at FCI World Dog Agility Championships Lievin 2011
Crufts Large Championship winner 2012
Olympia Large 6/7 winner 2011
Crufts Small Championship winner 2012
Kennel club Novice cup winner 2012 (qualifying for Crufts 2013)
Kennel club British Open winner 2012 (qualifying for Crufts 2013)

Nedlo Dog Agility Training


My Training Philosophy

Whatever dog sport you wish to partake in I believe that the initial foundation training is so important and contributes to their success. Dogs need to 'learn how to learn', whether you use a clicker or just a verbal marker is immaterial as long as you are big on the reward and you are clear and consistent. One way or another, as a their trainer, you have to portray what you want them to do and somehow they try to work it out and understand what you want.

From the beginning It's all about building the relationship - it starts with what I call 'Puppy Playschool' where the 'little darlings' play games and tricks, puppy heelwork and learn balance and co ordination in other words to get their brain and legs working together - Motivation and Control - that sounds very serious - but it's just a game!

Teenage Training (9 - 15 months) approx, follows on when the youngsters continue with their foundation flatwork, progress their cavaletti work, build on achieving their jump action using grids and generally learn jump skills. I don't believe in introducing weaving poles until a dog reaches 12 months - there's no rush - one lady I know teaches her dog in 2 weeks but then she has the time to do them 5 mins x 4 times a day. By now you should have decided what you want to do with the dreaded 'C' word - Contacts. Now's the time to start it all off - although if doing stop contacts you can have already begun on your method.

Nearly Ready to Compete comes next - where you increase the sequence training, link more obstacles together and take your dog to other environments to make sure he/she can apply what you have taught him/her elsewhere. Be fair that when you increase the distractions you decrease the behaviour you require. It's not fair to expect your dog to perform in the ring without training aids if It can't do it in training without them.

This is the ideal world of training! From time to time 'the wheels fall off' and it's back to basics as long as you have some! Good Luck.

PS I must have heard every excuse in the world as to 'why their dog can't do something' BUT and it's a huge BUT, most of the basic foundation work can be done without agility equipment. Soooooooo no BUTS and no EXCUSES!!!!!


Agility Training Classes

Classes are held outside on a level grass area in the summer, when the weather is fine and Indoors during the winter or when wet!

All Grades and sizes of dogs are welcome as are all levels of handler experience. Group Classes are held daily in blocks of 5 weeks, consisting of one hour sessions. Max 8 handlers per group.

Groups are structured for handlers of same level and ability as closely as possible.

Private lessons are held by arrangement.

Specialist Workshops are staged throughout the year.

All equipment is well maintained and in accordance with KC specifications. Rubber and Paint contact equipment is available. Channel/V's/2 x2 weaving poles.

Nedlo dog agility outdoor training facilities Nedlo dog agility indoor training facilities
Outdoor training facilities   Indoor training facilities


Nedlo Border Collie Breeding


Nedlo Border Collie Breeding

Firstly, it was never really my intention to breed from my girls although I’m so glad I did, I love watching all the ‘little darlings’ as they grow up and follow their progress. It gives me the same amount of pride and pleasure whether they go to handlers who know what they are doing (Mm)!! Or starter handlers and they learn together. All prospective owners are vetted even the one who came from Japan!

I choose my dogs on their temperament, health, work ethic and physique so when I suffered a major injury in 2005 and I was unable to compete for a while it seemed an opportune time to breed from Beanie up to then she had been too busy - she already had a husband lined up. Just in case! - Simon and Lorna Peachey’s Diesel. Enter the first Nedlo litter on 28th November 2005. To date there have been 6 litters, 2 from Beanie, 3 from Dot (Beanie’s sister from a repeat mating) and 1 from Toot (a Beanie daughter).

All my bitches are hip scored and are DNA clear for CEA.


Recent Litters

Litter from Nedlo Strictly on the Button (Ding) on 27th April 2013.
Nedlo Strictly on the Button (Ding) with pupies The Tings


Litter from Nedlo Hello Ello (Toot)
December 2012.
Photographs of the puppies can be found on the Gallery page.
  Toot kissing her boyfriend, Mint Peachey goodbye.
Nedlo Hello Ello (Toot) in the snow Nedlo Strictly on the Button (Ding) on the see-saw


Contact Lesley

Birchwood House Cottage,
Salisbury Road,
Sherfield English,
Hampshire  SO51 6FF
Telephone 07747 845 730

Midway between Southampton and Salisbury.


Find Lesley on Facebook

Nedlo News


Nedlo Obedience Ticket Winner is off to Crufts- August 2016

Sue Bishop and Nedlo What's it all about Alfie.


Upcoming Nedlo Shows

We are running several shows over the winter 2015/16.

Nedlo Winter Series: 10th October, 14th November, 12th December, 9th January and 20th February.

Kennel Club Agility: Jan 2nd Small/Medium Show, March 12th Large Grades 1-3  and March 13th Large Grades 4-7

Please get in contact on 07747 845 730 or to take part or for more information.


Gemma Swann and Harry at ABC Olympia Finals 2014

Gemma Swann


Nedlo Junior Team - Winners of the YKC Team agility final at Crufts 2015

Nedlo Junior Team Cruft 2015 Nedlo Junior Team Cruft 2015


Agility Champion Nedlo Detox Sproglett and Greg Derrett

Toot and MintWinner of Crufts Large Agility Championship and Crufts Large Singles Agility Final 2014.

Olympia Large Agility Stakes Winner 2013 and Crufts Singles Agility Final 2013


'The Tings' Litter from Nedlo Strictly on the Button, aka Ding, on 27th April 2013.

Nedlo Strictly on the Button (Ding) with pupies The Tings


Toot & Mint puppies, December 2012

Toot and Mint  A slideshow of the all the puppies can be found on the Gallery page.

A New Arrival

Nedlo Yip arrives in the UK

The new addition to the Nedlo gang - 'Yip' - has arrived in the UK.


8 Nedlo's off to Olympia 2012

Novice Agility Stakes
Nedlo Strictly on the Button (Ding)
Nedlo Strictly Top Speed (Roxy)
Nedlo Strictly This is it (Twist)

Large 6/7 Agility Stakes
Nedlo What a Whirl (Dice)
Nedlo Detox Sproglett (Detox)
- also FCI Team GB Squad team member 2012
Ag Ch Nedlo Black Magic (Scoot)
Nedlo Jitterbug (Tif)
- also FCI Team GB Squad team member 2012
Nedlo Sheeza Diva (Diva)


Will Rolfe and Ag Ch Nedlo Black Magic (Scoot) winners of the Large Crufts Agility Championship 2012.
Scoot is a Beanie x Diesel puppy born November 2005.

Bernadette Bay and Ag Ch Obay It’s got Pizzaz winners of the Small Crufts Agility Championship 2012. Zaz and Bernadette also won a Bronze Individual medal at the FCI World Championships in Lievin, France 2011.

Will Rolfe and Ag Ch Nedlo Black Magic (Scoot) winners   Bernadette Bay and Ag Ch Obay It’s got Pizzaz winners


Angela Williams and Nedlo Jitterbug (Tif) winners of The Olympia Final 2011. Tif is a Beanie x Jaff puppy born in April 2007. Tif and Angela will be representing Team GB at the FCI World Championships in Liberec, Czech Republic Oct 2012.

Angela Williams and Nedlo Jitterbug (Tif) winners of The Olympia Final